lots of layers and individual frames
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I have an assignment where they want me to create several different designs all on the same package. How would I set up an animation so that a new layer is shown in each frame and have each frame is saved out as a single high-res image?

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I figured out how to animate my texture, but I still need to know how to save each frame as a high resolution image file.

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Hi ahanford,

I hope I understand the target correctly, each new frame has a new image (material), or each new multi-frame animation has a new image (takes)?

The simplest way would be an image sequence as texture. Which requires a renaming of each file to have a sequence. Each new design is a single image.
The animation tab of the texture should be set to Exact Frame.

More complex but perhaps easier to manage is the MoGraph Multi-shader; here, a complete folder of images can be load in. If a specific image needs to be changed, access is easy.

If that is not the one you are looking for, then it is Takes

The output to high-resolution images is based on the Render Settings> Output.

Let me know if that answers your question.



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