Roman Pillar Update
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I am following Darrin Frankovitz tutorial for the self-building Roman pillar, and have hit a bump with the random effector step. My guess is now we have fields and Darrin didn’t, so it doesn’t behave the way he directs. Somewhere there’s a magic button that I’m missing. Project link below.

If all the parameters are turned off on the random effector and only weighting applied, what is the being effected? No parameters are active. Can you explain some of the under-the-hood functioning?

Why oh why won’t the Cineversity website accept .c4d files natively? I got that MIME error again and can’t upload the C4D file. Happens all the time and is frustrating to have to package everything down to particle size so Cineversity will accept it. So had to go with DropBox. Hopefully that will work?

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Hi mford610,

Thanks for the file and for using Dropbox, very much appreciated.

Please have a look here:

The idea is to do it in fields, which is pretty much like thinking in Photoshop/Ae layers. One layer is black (Background), then you show more and more the noise, and the one on the top has the full information, and goes from transparent to opaque. Here is a Ps demo that I have created for you.

Instead of riding on a predefined Weight, the amount needed to create the effect is based on falloff and combinations of layers.

In post #4 (from the link above) I showcase how to do the classic weight workflow inside Fields.

Let me know if that works for you.

All the best

P.S.: Yes the mime thingy is not fun, but my best guess is, it needs to be so picky, to avoid keeping the doors sensitive for unwanted guest, sadly this affects welcomed guests as well. Sorry about that.


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Ah! it’s encouraging to know I’m not alone in my struggle.

I knew it was easy so long as you know the secret handshake. This should do it. Thanks!