Face Rig Tutorial - Using the Rig with the Pose Library
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Hi there,

I’m setting up my open eye poses and everything is working correctly, but then I realized the eye blinks have a position (Y) max/min protection Limiting tag. How can I edit the protection tag?

There are a lot of protection limiting tags, and I really wish this was covered in the tutorial.

I was able to find and disconnect the node that resembles the protection tag in the expresso tag on the same controller, (R_Upper_Blinkcon+) which allowed me to adjust the max/min limits inside the protection tag… but when I go back to expresso tag to reconnect the protection node, the values inside the protection tag at hand, snaps back to the initial undesired max/min (Y) limiting positions.

Looking forward to your thoughts,


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This question is outside of the tutorial’s theme. It should be in the Q&A to allow for proper readability of the forum when a direct question is asked about the tutorial’s content.

Hi David,

I assume we talk about the way this tutorial uses the rig in an editable state. In the Xpresso or XPresso (not expresso) set up, the two-parent Nulls’ distance is evaluated and then processed with two Math nodes to define the min and max values. Inside of the two Math nodes, you can set a value that will change the outcome for the Protection tag. I would caution here to change this, as below, you might find the values more quickly, and with that, it will be more artist-friendly. Note: that the max value can’t be smaller than the min value.

The other Xpresso tag holds the values of the three “R_Upper_Blink_con+” blink setup parameter. If you need more impact (motion) from the controller, then increase these three values accordingly. The larger these values, the more significant the effect. Also, here, if set to Null no impact at all.

I would suggest keeping things as long as intended, as it will allow you to get faster re-familiarized with the rig after a long pause on working with it, or if you are close to a deadline, it is easier for new team members to get up to speed with it. Otherwise, use the options to document changes along the way. (Annotation Tag, for example). You certainly know it now, but how about in one year? Going through hundreds of tags to understand what was done to a rig is a lot of work.

All the best

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