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CV-StopMotion: Add a Stop-Motion Effect to Keyframed Cinema 4D Objects
Posted: 11 February 2021 01:10 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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Hello, I’ve tried installing CV Stop Motion in R23 but getting a sign that the installation is failing. Have tried several times to no avail. Is the plugin planned to be optimised soon for R23? It’s really crucial in a project I’m working on right now. Thanks.

Posted: 11 February 2021 04:19 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]  
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Hi spugesdu,

I have tried it (CV-StopMotion) with MacOS 11.1 /11.2.1 /11.3 [beta], all fine here.

What I have encountered with 11.1 was that it had some problems allowing files to be written. The Disk Utility cleared this.

Any other problems will be handled by the Developer team.

I have used a fresh installed Cinema 4D version (23.110) and the current available CV-Toolbox. The result is in the screenshot below.

A manual installation might help.

I hope it will work for you.

My best wishes


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