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imagine you could export interactive little standalone ads/minigames with C4D. Are there Tutorials for scenes like above?

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Hi tim.kramarz,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, to be able to just export those complex dynamic mixtures with no problem would be interesting.

The user’s inputs need to be translated to the game engine’s “language” and technical options given by the game engines. Besides all the different options, as in Dynamics and Cloth, while using (I assume) a lot of Xpresso or Python, it needs to have an equivalent in the game engine to stay close to this.

The main obstacle to do this is not overcome by producing tutorials; it might need a lot of scripting to translate all of the combinations possible from Cinema 4D into one of the many Game engines.

To my understanding, even with the options to get even massive amounts of visual data produced interactively now, the target of game engines and 3D animation and rendering software are not congruent. It is, simply put, a difference between producing linear content and authoring an interactive environment. Whereby the areas overlap to a certain degree.

Cinema 4D, at its core, is based on a single linear time idea. Games provide more of a quantum-like variety here, with parallel options when decisions are made, which marks the main difference between animation production and game engines. As the artists in these Youtube clips clearly state that the production was targeting a movie as a result.

The request should be more a suggestion to Maxon.

My best wishes


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