Hierarchy order - flip objects order
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Hi everyone,

I stumbled upon something I thought would be easy to do today.
Here is my problem:

I have a cloner, with 20objects inside, and what I’d like would be to “reverse” or “flip” the order of the hierarchy.
So let say the children are ordered from 1 to 20, I want them to be from 20 to 1 instead.

But I can’t find a easy way to do it instead of manually moving them in my object manager.

Does anyone has a solution for this?


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Hi Thomas,

I haven’t seen an option to do so. I googled if there is perhaps a script or plugin in for that. I was not able to find one. However, I’m certain there is oneā€¦ somewhere. Perhaps someone else has more luck to find it.

I typically drag the top down, then the one on the bottom up, and so on, which seems to be fast. But I understand the idea is clear and seems to be useful.

Perhaps create a suggestion to Maxon to have a selection of objects reversed in position.

The other question is, why is that reversing needed? Perhaps a different approach with an Effector
It certainly has some limitations.

All the best


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For any future readers and googlers…  There is sort of a way to do this using CV-Object Manager Tools found in the CV-Toolbox which can be downloaded here on cineversity.  There is a “sort alphabetically” button, so whatever you have selected in the Object Manger will get sorted alphabetically either forwards or reverse depending on how many times you hit the button.  If you files are not named in some sort of alphabetical order though, this of course will not work well.

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