Retopology For Stylized Characters (For animation or gaming)
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May I ask for a retopology tutorial for C4D. I would like to learn some retopology techniques and principles. There is this modeling tool in Maya called Quad Draw, and it has this “Relax polygon” option where when you use it, it relaxes the polygons on your object, while also maintaining the connection between the “reference” object (the object being used to “stick” the “retopo” object) and the “retopo” object. Basically, its like Polygon Pen’s “Reproject Result”, but for smoothing out polygons (I cannot find any tools that does this in Cinema 4D, so I was hoping for a tutorial that might teach me if there is a way to do this or an alternative (hopefully not shrink wrap deformer))

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Hi georgewhite331,

As mentioned, this function is not available. Smoothing while a second object’s surface is acknowledged.

Since I pointed out already that a feature request is the only way to create progress here, we have to wait until it might be implemented.

All the best


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I see, I apologize for not checking your reply first on my last post. The “smoothing” thing aside, I would still like to request for a tutorial on retopology for gaming/animation. There is no retopology tutorial here in Cineversity, and I think it would be a great addition.

Thank you

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