Is there an MDD export?
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I have a character that is animated via a MOCAP rig motion. I would like to bake it out so I can have a few baked motions but without the bones to keep a larger scene lighter as far as the character set up. In the past, I’d bake out an MDD file and attach it to my master model (meaning one master mesh, that I can attach several motions to). I don’t see that, but I do see Alembic. I can use that, but it exports the actual model and motions together. It also strips all the textures, and this particular model has over 20. Is there a way to have one master model, and attache motions to it (like MDD?). I’d hate to have to redo the textures every time I export an Alembic file.

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Hi psussi,

MDD animation export/import: Not to my knowledge.

PLA (Point Level Animation) is pretty much the same inside the application, available in Cinema 4D.

It is supported by Alembic and FBX, for example.

One can use PLA in the Animation Clips, but then again, you could use joints there and keep the file smaller.

MDD or PLA is relatively hard to manage; with greater mesh density, this becomes more obvious.

Example file
The PLA animation was exported and imported back into the file.

As a side note:
I would need to see the files to suggest PoseMorph (absolute) to suggest this path.

Let me know if you like to have an upload link; I’m happy to set one up.
(Dropbox, Amazon, Google, Apple, Adobe, Wetransfer only, thanks)

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