Some bugs (I Think) in s22
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Hello, some issues I have found in s22:
- Sometimes when you try to copy with Control (Windows user), the copy just don’t happen with drag and drop in viewport (but works fine in object manager);
- Paint Tool is not in the same place anymore and I just can find it by searching;
- The new Bridge Tool just freezes C4D when you try to bridge poligons between two different objects.

Thank you for your support since ever.

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Hi Dhankan,

Sorry that you have to encounter some trouble.

If you can’t find a tool, use the “Shift + c” hot-key-combination to get the “Commander”.  Type in what you need, return

In the Help Menu, after searching “Paint” you will find on top of the Paint entry, the hierarchy of the Tools.
Cinema 4D Program Documentation> Reference Cinema 4D> Basic Features> Tools Menu
Which helps to find newly placed items.

Thanks for your efforts. However, this is Cineversity, not the tech-support. If you have a moment, please use the following link to share your findings:
Thanks in advance for considering it.

I can’t reproduce your problem here, so I wouldn’t be a big help here, to begin with.

All the best, stay safe, stay healthy.


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