CV-Artsmart not working as expected in S22
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I have used ArtSmart for years.

I just updated to Cinema 4d S22.  I installed the CV-ArtSmart plugins and added the buttons to the menus.  I tried this morning to import an Adobe Illustrator file (saved as an ‘8’ version)
The ArtSmart plugin would not even identify .ai files in a directory.

Throwing spaghetti against the wall, I tried Cinema 4D’s Merge function.  Not only did it bring it in to Cinema 4D, it came at the exact size I created it. Unheard of.

Does this new functionality in C4D disable the plugin’s ability to bring in Illustrator files.  I have been having issues with S22.  Little tiny things that are never present in release versions.

Maybe I should start from scratch.
Download the CV-ArtSmart plugin again. 

Can someone else please check to see if ArtSmart works in their version of S22.

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Hi bbrachman,

We had a similar question before, and I created a screen capture here:

I hope that helps until the developer will answer.

All the best


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I installed s22 yesterday. ArtSmart isn’t working for me. The extrusion snaps to either 10 cm or 0 (visually), no matter what value is entered (if 40 is entered for Extrude Depth, it looks the same as any other value, except 0, 0 seems to work (I can’t slide the Extrude Depth value visually). Has anyone else had this? I’m new to c4d, What is conventional wisdom: Should I reinstall, wait for an update? are there tricks to using ArtSmart? is it updated often?

Should I install an s21 and transfer my license to that? (I’m just guessing, not sure that’s possible)

I was really looking forward to using ArtSmart, I use Illustrator all the time. Need to integrate it with c4d. Thanks!

(I’m on a Catalina iMac Pro 14-core)

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Thanks for the heads-up - it needs to be adapted to the new, simpler extrusion options. I’ll have a look as soon as possible.

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Thank you, I’m new, does it sound like I could install an s21 to get around this?

Is s21 still available for subscribers? Thank you!

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Yes, R21 can be used with your subscription entitlement.

You can download it here:
(under Install Cinema 4D R21 / Application)

I’ll hope to make the necessary changes for S22 in the next week.

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CV-ArtSmart is now fully S22 compatible and available via CV-Toolbox.

Let me know if any other issues appear!