Rigging a character using Mixamo rigging and simple facial rigging
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Fuse/Mixamo offers an easy way to bring custom animated human characters into a C4D project.  The problem is that there is no easy was to create facial animations.  I was able to locate one tutorial in a foreign language which showed a basic tutorial.  However, a more detailed one in English would be of great help.

Also, Blender offers a built in approach which is even easier.  This would be a great addition to future releases of C4D as well:



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Hi pacificm,

Thanks for the suggestion.

Going by the simplicity the Maximo workflow has to be imported to Cinema 4D, I assume this simplicity should determine the level of complexity (or lack thereof) for the facial animation. I would exclude Joints here for this, as they would require a complete new weighting and creates a lot of considerations for the otherwise, as mentioned, simple Mixamo workflow.

I would think the most versatile technique would be the Pose Morph option.

I recorded a quick clip for you. This was done in just one minute. There are lots of options in the PoseMorph Tag.

In an older version this was explored here:
… as well in part two.

The Driver tool would be to name as well, here in conjunction with the Pose Morph

Does this come close to what you are after?



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