please unbreak cineversity login
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I don’t know what you have done but my saved passwords are not working.
My Maxon login is different to my Cineversity login. Even using the password reset links does not help, as it sends me to Maxon, not to Cineversity to reset and although I get logged in to the Cineversity site, the generated code does not work inside Cinema 4D.

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Starting September 3rd, Cineversity system has changed to a new login system, based on your My Maxon account. You will be able to log into Cineversity using your email and password for My Maxon.

Not sure if this will resolve your issue. But the majority of users that are having difficulty logging into Cineversity “inside C4D” is referring to the CV-Toolbox in R20 or lower.

CV-Toolbox no longer works with R20 or lower due to the new My Maxon system. If you still need these plugins on these older versions, you can download them individually on their “Download and Install” tutorials.

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Thank you. Yes it is CV Toolbox that is not working and why the error was popping up in R20 and not my web browser.
It is unfortunate that CV Toolbox cannot work accross both versions.
R21 has been an absolute and expensive disaster for plugins (even worse if you use older Xeons without AVX2 support)