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1) Think I found answer to this on the forum already: all our previous playlists and watch history is gone?
2) Seems like I have to re-login each time I visit?
3) Login always takes me back to my Maxon login?
4) No basic account information under my use account anymore? Is all that info directly tied to my Maxon account (including renewal dates, etc?)

Thanks for any clarifications. I realize a big switch like this is tough, but it kinda came out of the blue to me as a user.

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Thank you for your inquiry.

1. Yes, unfortunately all previous playlist and watch history information was not transferred over.
2. That is correct, you will need to login on each visit
3. The login is through My Maxon, but it should redirect you back to Cineversity
4. There is no account information, as it is tied with your My Maxon account. All renewals and expiration dates are available through your My Maxon account.

Thank you for your patience as we transition over to this new system.

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