Why is the website so Awful.
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So after the clickbaity Title….

Why IS this website so awful and unusable?

The content is great but the UI is just plain bad.

Really not very useful at all.  Should have whole new tutorial sets etc.

irst thing you see is Cinema 4d R19? Wheres the new stuff?
Click on that and the UI changes to a different layout (actually better with the left hand side as a menu )

Hard to use and find tutorials - No new
Lists on left are not in alphabetical order.
Lists don’t have any newer stuff like sculpting or volumes

playlist is bottom right and in a a small scrolling box. Bad UI

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Hi Andy,

The website transitioned last week and we are still working through the bugs, like R19 being the first thing shown on the learn pages.

Home menu does have the new tutorials underneath the user playlists.

We are working on improving the look and layout of the site. Hang tight as we work through the new My Maxon transition.

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Not really acceptable.

Why isn’t the site ready for the MyMaxon update?
Why isn’t the installer ready.
Why is the Site completely impossible to navigate?
None of the tools are accessible.
“In the meantime you can download CV Tools directly. Sorry for the inconvenience.” - but does not say how.

We are all paying for this service now or were with the MSA - and this is a big fail.

It’s been months since it was announced.  I have directed and completed 2 adverts,  Been on holiday for 3 weeks and rebuilt my own website in that time.  And it’s me on my own!

Download installer page is broken - https://www.cineversity.com/tutorials/fd/10081/

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There will always be challenges and bugs that happen upon a new system being launched. All we ask is some patience as we work through these, as they will be fixed and improved.

The installer page is broken because CV-Toolbox is down, like mentioned above.

How you can download plugins directly: if you scroll down the CV-Toolbox page, there are links to every plugin available through CV-Toolbox. If you click on them, you can go to their direct playlist, and download them.
Link: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cineversity_resources/cv_toolbox

Or you could go to the Cineversity Resource playlist, which also has a list of plugins and tutorials, along with their supplementary/introduction tutorials.
Link: https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cineversity_resources

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10 Days later - still nothing changed at all!!!

Link Toolbox>Download Installer
Text Page:  Error - no project files available

It’s utterly insane that Maxon launches a new Version and a new subscription payment method and gleefully advertise that Cineversity is part of that and NOTHING works at all..

I try the methods above… sometimes it works sometimes I get logged out on the plugin page.  And the big blue log in screen appears where the video is BUT not button to submit / log in.

Again 10 days since I last posted and a month since they launched it and about 3 months since they announced it… and it does not work at all… And in that !0 days I’ve made another completed advert on my own… what are you people doing over there?!

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Same here, Toolbox not downloadable, anyone found a workaround?

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Still nothing?  I’ve given up with it.  Maxon should be ashamed.  We are paying for this rubbish.