Nothing works any more, and my account is missing several months
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The videos don’t play at all (black screen, no indication that any video player is working); the links on the video site don’t do anything (if in a playlist); the site’s contact form is not indicating in any way that it has actually sent something (switches to blank page, no email confirmation).

Also, the MyMaxon “license” shows my account ending with my MSA, when actually I still have several months left over from the paid account time.

Here’s what I tried to send through the contact form:


sadly the switch from direct Cineversity accounts to MyMaxon licenses has denied me my remaining paid months for Cineversity. German customer service seems to be unable to handle the issue and referred me to you (although recently the Cineversity website doesn’t even seem to show the paid period any more).

My current expiration for Cineversity has been set to Nov. 2019, which is the same as my MSA, but it should be May 2020 (or so), which it was when I last looked.

Here’s what apparently happened:

I have entered Cineversity many years ago as a paid account before Maxon started handing out vouchers for MSA holders. This paid account started in June (don’t quote me on the exact month, but it was something in late Spring) and ended in May next year.

Then Maxon gave me Cineversity vouchers for my MSA which starts in December. These vouchers each prolonged my CV account by one year (regardless of when my MSA started or when the voucher itself was redeemed), so the account now expired STILL in MAY but a year later.

Now, the change to MyMaxon licenses tells me my CV account ends in November, which is apparently automatically gleaned from my MSA validity and not considering the remaining months that I originally paid for.

Please reset my CV account to expire in May/June 2020 or whatever it originally was, as this covers the PAID period that I still have left.

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I have the exact same problem (German user as well). My cineversity subscription was supposed to last until August 31st 2020 or so, and I believe I still have one unused voucher in my inbox, which I saved up for later use.

I don’t want to loose my Cineversity access for almost a year.

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Greetings Cairyn and Daniel,

Thank you for the inquiry. Please bare with us as we sort out the bugs.
Please let us know which browser you are using to watch the videos. Does this problem persist on other browsers? Are there any firewalls or addblockers you are using?

The system was switched that Cineversity is tied to your MSA/Subscription. If you have paid for Cineversity, please email info-at-cineversity-dot-com, and we will get this sorted for you. Please include your old Cineversity email address if it is different than your MyMaxon account.


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Thank you, Michelle. Will drop an e-mail tomorrow smile