Black Screen with MyMaxon Account
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I’m a member of Cineversity since a a lot years and everything worked.
Now I’m logged in with my new MyMaxon account and I only get a black screen on all videos.
I also have the impression, that I only get very old tutorials on my home screen.

And looking into my account at MyMaxon it seems, that I only got access till the end of my still running MSA (i.e. Sept 2020. In my old account I had access till Feb 2020, so there is half a year missing; normally I got a one-year access with my MSA.

Hope you can help me there.

Artur Meisch

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Greetings Maximilian,

Thank you for your inquiry. With the new system, we are still working out some of the bugs.
What browser are you using? Do the black screens continue with different browsers?

Your Cineversity membership is now tied directly to your MSA/Subscription model. If you paid for membership outside of the MSA, please feel free to email us at info-at-cineversity-dot-com and we will be able to help you out from there.

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