The Gear Tool, Part 02: Gear Machine
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Please can someone explain how the file provided works, the tutorial does not provide enough information. im trying to recreate a cog wheel which is similar however the tutorial misses out the part of make making it move and just provided files containing it.

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Hi samia908,

The first step is undoubtedly to make it move.

I have recorded a one-minute screen-capture of it:

Let’s go step by step, but I need something from your side, as I don’t know what step are you missing. I have as well only part one and two of the tutorial to go from.

I can provide an upload link. You can’t share the set up public-ally. Just let me know. (Edit: I have sent you an upload link /edit)

If you have a specific, or several questions, please refer to the tutorial time, so I can help quickly.

All the best


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