Maze Trace or similar for R20?
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Hi all, I have a project need to generate a maze structure from an existing complex object.  In the past (pre-R20), I had used a wonderful plugin called Maze Trace (, and I can still go back and create a mesh with an earlier version of Cinema, since this plugin, expectedly, does not function with R20, and there has been no activity on the github page in a long time.  If anyone knows of an alternative plugin that does similar, or functioning R20 compile of Maze Trace, please let me know and where to find it. Alternatively, if someone knows of a method to generate the sort of nearest-neighbor-type maze mesh from complex objects procedurally in C4D R20, let me know. I can come close with x-particles, but nothing quite like the original plugin.


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Hi Jeff,

Sorry: Nothing came up googling it, nor in the common sources.

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Not a direct solution.

But if a plug-in works in Pre-20 but not in 20, you can try this Utility Bridge plug-in from Insydium:

Not a full proof method though but it is still worth a try.


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