Realbook 3 - Obj Sequence
Posted: 30 June 2019 03:39 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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hi there!
i have a problem: we wanted to bring realbook3 via obj sequence to element 3d.
( this c4d plugin with this script to

now the obj export fails in a weird way:
this is 12.obj

compared to this:

these minor differences are causing the textures in element 3d to flip for this respective frame(s)- it’s happening more than once.
and i can’t fix it, if i export the frames directly from c4d-file-export, it places the textures exactly the same. and if i try to open the obj file, fix it and export it again as obj, it doesn’t accept my changes and leave them as they are.. :?

so my question: do you guys have some experience with exporting obj sequences from c4d?
how can i try to fix this?