Download Installer Problem
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Hey guys,

when i try to download the Download Installer (or any other plugins), i just see some strange codes over my hole screen and no download is going on(img is attached). Have any other one the same issues here?

Thank you!

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I have just created an account and can’t download a thing or view files either - just pages and pages of gibberish appears as below. Happens in both Chrome and Internet Explorer.

PK�]/Hcv-toolbox/PK�]/Hi�P1��U�cv-toolbox/CV-Toolbox.pype��Cs%��Ll;�ض9�m�~�m۞ضm’/��6vk����O]�Ǯ�TĄ@A�������4�Sρ{���ɟ Z�2꒴l��!Y.d�����p��x}  \����� �5�“G���Xv�  [�éX�‘ol ^Ɔ�U�$4�:C�q�G���8�4��L@�3��>��� ��?��N>�| ��T9����b���a����G!q����  +RE�Yg�”�������b���7W/�ZG �M!b ɣ-vH�9�Y�xx��߸�k���b��x’  �Q�� ��]F(������Hn�O`z5�_͌cV���j>�\�  ��o34���*ӝ�YM�וb:PQ��;��G��� 꿿��C(IQE�z��֩�^�e��/���6r=jKwCR��,9�7��He(�TO*���j��h�ʐ�=%/6u6p�4VG���z�Ūe�Z0W�-�&�Qb�+�����”�:�jN��uО���#y��e��P��1�8���xt[�K�’`�ώ7E�I��|{&���) q<��P���f   g���ŦY�t�.E����3m� �]��D.���z�Y�R�0(�B��9����IQ����2;�p0e��k �#m����Hń�x6��6��<��%Aw?��-���b��WOg��$-�bZx/n+�X��-l��z��2W�cq�h��#���io�zBz���x��M�4��u���{��J���Y���σЕ֛”�(��c=\]ˣu��ށ

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Issue should now be resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience.