Character tool rigged characters to Game engine pipelines.
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I would like to see a tutorial that centres around the pipeline between using the Character tool rig and game engines such as Unreal 4.  I know there was one done for Unity, but Id like to see the in built Character tool used in this pipeline if at all possible.  I believe that there also needs to be a set of scripts or plugins to enable a seamless transition as seen between Maya and Unreal, even as found in MODO.

To give more details on this Id like to see C4D using its character tool set to animate, use its pose morphs, motion clips, then move onto the workflow in getting the character baked down ready for export and bringing it into Unreal 4.  The part Im missing is using the character tool in this process as it seems this was designed more for animation rendered into video shorts within C4D than for external use, but Id like to be wrong.

Thanks, Dan

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