CV-C4D to UE4: Feedback
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hi !

Congratulations for this plugin. it’s realy usefull !
Thanks wink

However, I encountered some problems.

- LOD not supported (R19)
We can not export Mesh with LOD informations.
  (Export an FBX from C4D to UE4 can support LOD, but not the plugin)

- Default Translucent blend mode Material
When you export mesh with material, the default material used in UE4 by the plugin is in Translucent blend mode. Assign an opaque material will be better.

- Lightmap not exported
If you make 2 UVWs, one for texture and one for Lightmap, UE goes systematically recompute Lightmap from last UVW.

- SkeletalMesh not supported
We have no option to export Rigged character, or animation.

- Empty scene cause crash
(ok it’s stupid) Clic on C4DUE4 button with a empty scene cause crash.

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It looks great on the video!

Quick note though, I can’t install the plugin in unreal 4.18.3, maybe it’s not supported?I’m sure I did it right, maybe the files are screwed up? Also I download the files and they have some big source files in, was that a mistake? Also, I can’t see the plugin from the CV toolbox. I hope you fix it and it works so I can try it out!

(ok found it, under all plugins! Right there in front of me!)

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here the c4due4 plugin didnĀ“t work. Everytime I start UE an error popped up “Binaries for the C4DUE4 plugin are missing or incompatible with the current engine”. I tried it with UE 4.16 and UE 4.19. Nothing works. Any hints whats going wrong?

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I am having the same problem as above - excited for when this stabilizes!

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Hi Yannoch (Et al.),

At the moment, the goal of this plugin is to make it easy to send environment and prop models from C4D to Unreal. Characters and animated elements are best sent using the traditional FBX workflow (perhaps with some workflow improvements via CV-Smart Export)

An update addressing crashes and adding support for UE 4.19 is currently in the works.

I’ve logged your suggestions for more robust exchange to our issue tracker, but as we’re sharing the in-house development of a game studio we’re unlikely to see new features unless they find them critical for their workflow.


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I can’t seem to install the plugin. i’ve opened the preferences/plugin folder and

there are 2 folders in the download for ver18 and 19 each // one c4due4 and c4due4source - i’M trying ot get it working for v18
your video only shows one which is a little confusing
i tried both and neither shows up under plugins

tried it in the normal c4d plugin dir as well

any ideas ?