CV-C4D to UE4: Boole’s Crash & crazy normals in UE4
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C4D R19.053
UE 4.18.3
MacOS 10.13.2
& C4D R18.057
UE 4.18.3
Win 10 64-Bit

So glad this plug-in has arrived but getting some fairly easy crashes.

Have a basic extrude setup and the normals are all over the place and Boole’s flat out crash the export on the UE4 side.

I was hoping this could be used for non-destructive editing from C4D to UE4 but maybe not.

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Hi @natemac - Thank you for taking the time to download and test this plugin. I’ve logged the issue, and hopefully we’ll be able to resolve it once we get some developer time.

I don’t have C4D/UE4 in front of me at the moment, but you might have better luck if you drop everything inside of a Connect Object and export that. This way C4D will be doing most of the hard conversion of the Boole objects rather than the plugin.