CV-VR Cam Frame Rate / fps
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Hi all,

I’m working with the CV-VR cam plugin and so far its working wonderfully. I have, however, come across some funny behaviour regarding render settings and frame rates that maybe someone can help me with.

I want to change the frame rate in the render settings that are created via the CV-VR Cam plugin menu. I can change the frame rate here, and also change the frame rate found in the projects settings, to my desired 25FPS, however, when importing the rendered sequence into after effects it is showing up as 29.97fps.

Is this an issue with the render settings not actually outputting at my desired frame rate?
Or is it After Effects not interpreting the image sequence as it should?

Any insight to this would be appreciated.

Many thanks


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What C4D version are you using, and what format are you rendering to?

It sounds to me like an AE Interpret Footage issue - especially if you’re rendering to sequenced images. If you’re in R18 or earlier and rendering to Quicktime, there’s also an FPS option in the Quicktime format dialog as I recall. Either way, I don’t *think* CV-VRCam is doing anything that would change the frame rate, but you might try disabling CV-VRCam while leaving everything else the same to see if the problem still exists.

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Morning Rick,

Thanks for such a swift reply! I’ve been looking deeper into this and as you suggested there is no fault with CV-VR Cam, and the issue lies with After Effects.

It appears that after I recently updated to the most current version of After Effects CC, my import preferences were not preserved, and AE had changed this back to the default fps! It just so happens that this after effects update came at the same time as I began to use CV-VR Cam! I feel foolish.

Thanks for your help!

Carried out some test renders last night and CV-VR Cam is currently performing wonderfully! I’ll look to share the end result with the community once its complete smile

Thanks again.