can’t get CV smart to work on my C4D
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Hi im a noob to C4D but i m just getting the hang of it when i seen the CV pluggin, i followed the steps but it didn’t work, help anyone….thanks in advance, i m using C4D studio R17 on a Mac

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Hi gmann1,

What specifically are you trying to do - import, copy & paste or use the ArtSmart Object? Where is it failing?

Can you check the Console window (Shift-F10) and see if any warnings are shown?

In many cases the solution is to delete your symbolcache, which can be found in the prefs subfolder of the CINEMA 4D Preferences directory (the easiest way to get there is to open Edit > Preferences and click the Open Preferences Folder button, then navigate tot he prefs subfolder). If you delete that file and restart, C4D will re-generate the symbolcache automatically.

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I have the same problem with R19.
When trying to import an ai file the console shows this message:
1 0 obj<

When i try to paste, an empty Null (CV-ArtSmart) is created.
Is this an incompatibility with Adobe CC2018, although I saved as Illustrator cs6.