Weighting a difficult human figure
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One of the areas I’ve struggled in is weighting a human character.  I’ve seen some very good tutorials here, especially by Bret Bays, and they are very helpful.  I’d love to see a tutuorial that takes the base human figure (in the content browser), which is a fairly dense mesh, and rigs and weights it.  I often have trouble with the shoulder area on this type of mesh.  The other area that becomes difficult is the modeled muscles (so for example, the muscles modeled around the knee don’t necessarily deform as expected with basic weighting).  I’m sure experts use corrective morphs, and other tricks that I’m just not as familiar with.  So I’d love to see someone rig this character to the point that it’s ready for animating.

Michael Goldberg

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I too would like to see such a video for best workflows on weighting.  Corrective morphs are an option, but are time consuming to setup, this is a area Maxon needs to automate like in Maya.  You can get decent deformation around the knee if you have at least 3 loops, plus a bevelled patch that forms the patella. Also extra loops need to be placed either side of the knee to maintain volume.


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have you tried using the muscle object and that still doesn’t give you the results you want?