Polygon Pen, Part 03: Drawing Polygons
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I have a problem when I try to create a network of edges. Only few polygons can create the rest dissapear.

I added an attachment to prove it.


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hi grrrados,

I have checked R16 and the last two R17 versions [Mac], and I can’t see a problem within the app. I have checked several sources and none showed any mentioning of this. Of course I can miss something.

My initial thought was to send you over to the support of course, they know often more about those things, as they get feedback from all kind of set ups worldwide.

What I notice is, that you get several objects, and not one in the Object Manager. So, I tried to reproduce this, and one way to get this result—is by clicking outside of the editor view. Please have a look to the linked clip [one minute, first as I think it should be done, then “interrupted”].
Looks similar to me, at least going by the result. Yes, you don’t click outside and the info bar doesn’t show any activities either, so, a “mystery” = Support.

I have of course no idea if you do something or if anything inside of your set-up happens (e.g., cables?). Perhaps something else. Hence the suggestion with the support.

I assume you have the latest update, and you have checked also if this problem appears after a new start of computer and application.

All the best


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