VFX with C4D: Tank Crash, Part 07: Making the Dust

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Instructor Joseph Herman

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  • Duration: 13:16
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Creating dust from the collision with NitroBlast, Thinking Particles and PyroCluster, as well as a layer of floor dust with Photoshop

NitroBlast has a handy preset which you'll use to automatically generate the dust for the collision using CINEMA 4D's built-in Thinking Particles system and its powerful PyroCluster features. You will tweak the settings of the dust and render it out on a separate Atmosphere Mutiply Multi-Pass. Then you'll create a layer of floor dust in Photoshop and render it in C4D using the tracker camera. You'll fade up this floor dust layer later, during compositing, to give the appearance of settling ground dust.

You can buy your own copy of Nitroblast here: Nitroblast