Vectorworks to CINEMA 4D, Part 03: Combine Project

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Instructor Paul Amirault

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Explore the basics of transferring geometry from Vectorworks to CINEMA 4D

In this video, Paul Amirault guides you through the steps of successfully transferring objects from Vectorworks to CINEMA 4D using the "Send to CINEMA 4D" command in Vectorworks.
This time Paul focuses on how to use the "Combine Project" command in CINEMA 4D to help manage cases where you may be facing a lot of geometry and you need to quickly consolidate things together into one object.
Learn how to join objects based on the materials they share, or by the layer they shared from Vectorworks. Once you have geometry joined together there may be polygons that are not connect, learn how to use the "Optimize" command to weld overlapping vertices together. Once you geometry is joined together you may also want to use a Phong tag to help provide smooth shading on round edges. Finally, managing the number of polygons created by the export starts in Vectorworks, follow along as Paul shows you how to create optimal geometry using the "Convert to NURBS" command in Vectorworks, to initially reduce the number of polygons coming into C4D, before covering some quick steps in CINEMA to clean up the remaining polygons.