Using Weight Transform to Randomize a MoGraph Animation

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  • Duration: 08:55
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  • Made with Release: 19
  • Works with Release: 19 and greater

In this video, I will show you how to randomize any animation you have created inside MoGraph, by randomizing the weights of the clones. The technique is called "Weight Transform" and allows us to add randomness of any degree to a normal MoGraph animation, by changing the weight values of the clones using a Random effector.

The four rules of Weight Transform are:
1. The Weighting Effector needs to be above all others in the Effector List
2. The "Weight Transform" of the Weighting Effector needs to be set to 100%
3. The Affected Effectors need to have their Weight Value set to 0% in the Falloff Tab
4. The Weighting Effector (Random) Minimum Value (Effector Tab) should be set to 0%