Using Google Zync with Cinema 4D: Using the Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator to Estimage Job Costs

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In this video, viewers will learn how to use the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator to estimate job render costs.

In this video, viewers will learn how to use the Google Cloud Platform Pricing Calculator, Zync’s helpful online tool to help users estimate job render costs.



In this video, we're going to cover how to use the billing calculator to estimate ZYNC Render jobs costs on Google Cloud Platform using the cloud billing calculator. Now, you can get this directly from the Cinema 4D plugin. So I'll just go down and grab Render with ZYNC. And here is our cost calculator button and I'll just click, and that will launch us to the Google Cloud Platform pricing calculator website. And here, we can choose which type of machine that we're going to use, the type as far as the number of cores, and the amount of RAM, as well as the host application. I'll just choose Cinema 4D. So this is all based off of test frames that you've already rendered. So let's just say that I test-rendered one frame and that frame took, let's just say 15 minutes. Now, I'm just going to type in one word. We're going to get this prompt that says that pricing is based on a 10-minute minimum per machine. So what does that mean? So this actually means that you have a lot of scalability and cost savings because you're only billed on the minutes that you actually used. You're not paying for unused time past the 10-minute minimum per machine. So it's actually a huge difference from other render services. So, again, let's just say that that took 15 frames. And let's just say the total frames in our job or in our animation was 90 frames. Just click add to estimate, and now we can actually get actual cost estimate on how much that will cost using that information that we just set up. So you can run a few test frames, which I recommend because it's always good to test frames throughout the animations so you get a good average of the cost, of maybe one at the beginning, one at the middle, and one at the end because the amount of render time might differ if you have lots of depth of field or motion blur on some frames versus others. So using this cost calculator is great because you're not going to go blindly into a render. So I just want to reiterate again that Google's got this really great per-minute billing set up after that 10-minute minimum. So, again, you're not going to be paying for those unused minutes. So there is your quick overview of using the cloud billing calculator for estimating jobs on ZYNC.
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