Using Google Zync with Cinema 4D: Admin Controls with Zync Web Render Manager

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In this video, viewers will learn about the Admin Console on Zync’s web render manager.

In this video, viewers will get an overview to the Admin Console on the Zync Web Render Manager and all of the admin controls and settings.



In this video, I'm going to cover all of the Admin Console controls on the ZYNC Web Console. So let's first go ahead and check out the Transfers menu here. Now, I don't have any projects going at the moment. But if you did, you'd have lots of files here, and you can actually use this menu to prioritize which files you want to download first for bandwidth optimization. So let's go ahead to our Account page here, and go to our Config tab. Here is where you can actually set the max number of running jobs. So again, very useful when you have a ton of projects going at one time, and specify which projects get prioritized to download first. So in this Config menu, you can add your custom shader support for third-party renderers. Now, you need to make sure that you have a Linux version of a shader, even if you're on a Mac or a PC. So let's go ahead to the Usage tab here, and this is a view of the full breakdown of costs by job, by user, and even a date range. So the actual billing comes at the end of the month from Google Cloud Platform, and that is a single bill. From this menu, you can actually kick out a CSV, and this is really perfect for producers and artists to get a handle and know exactly how much has been spent on a project, down to a very granular level of detail. So again, you can sort by projects, all users or individual users, a specific date range. So this holds all of the info that you'd ever need for a render account. Next, let's move on to the Users tab here. So here, you can add and delete users. While non-admins only have access to the Config tabs here, all users are able to upload and render jobs, and you can simply add users by having them sign up for a Google account, and then adding them via their Google account info. So once they're added, they can upload and run jobs via the ZYNC plugin and manage jobs in the Web Render Manager as full users. Let's head on over to the Projects menu here. This is where you can manage your storage, delete project files, and turn on and off thumbnails. Again, you can learn more about this in the previous video all about managing File IO. Let's head on over to the Browse File menu, and this is where you can see all the files that you've uploaded on ZYNC. Everything is re-pathed to match your local environment. So you can check out the full folder structure. Currently, ZYNC doesn't support individual file redownload. But it's a good way to actually browse these files. So finally, we have the Support menu, and this is just linked to all the docs and to the support email. So we can contact ZYNC Tech Support by sending an email to And support is available Monday through Friday, 24 hours a day. And it typically takes a four-hour response time for that support. So as you can see, ZYNC has a lot of handy tools in the ZYNC Admin Console that allows for full control over your renderer account.
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