Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Josh Johnson: R20 Features and VFX Workflows

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  • Duration: 40:54
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Josh Johnson demonstrates the improved motion tracking in Cinema 4D Release 20 in this live presentation from Siggraph 2018. Josh first performs an automatic track for some footage, and then shows how to set up a shadow catcher in both Redshift and C4D’s Physical Render to incorporate 3D elements with the footage. Next Josh shows the new manual tracking workflow and improved algorithms with virtual keyframes, tracking an incredibly difficult shot. Josh also highlights some new Alembic re-timing and multi-instance features in Cinema 4D R20.

06:48Auto Tracking
11:20Shadow Catcher (in Redshift and Physical)
16:24Camera Calibrator
20:11Manual Tracking
22:44Virtual Keyframes
31:32Object Tracking
35:10Alembic Re-timing