Siggraph 2018 Rewind - Greyscalegorilla: AskGSG LIVE with Greyscalegorilla

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Nick Campbell, Chad Ashley and Chris Schmidt of answer audience questions about Cinema 4D, just as they do each week in their AskGSG livestream. In this edition, the trio focuses on questions about the newly-announced Cinema 4D R20 features. They’ll start by showing how to smooth OpenVDB Volume Meshes, then show how to create chiseled type using Volumes and Fields. They’ll demonstrate the new gradient control in R20 and the Bake As Alembic Command. They talk about some of the advantages of VDB modeling and show how to mesh shaders and noises using the Volume Builder. Finally, you’ll see how Fields can be used to create Vertex Maps and texture elements based on proximity, and how Fields work in MoGraph effectors.

02:40VDB Meshing and Smoothing
08:39Chiseled Type using OpenVDB Volumes and Fields
16:40Cinematic Titles in the Viewport
19:12R20 Gradient
23:19Bake As Alembic
26:04Polygon vs VDB Modeling
27:00Meshing Shaders with OpenVDB Volume Builder
33:16Texturing VDBs
35:10Fields with Vertex Maps
43:52Fields in MoGraph