Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Eric Nicolas Smit: 3D Motion Tracking and VFX in C4D

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  • Duration: 42:01
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Eric Smit, master Cinema 4D artist from the Maxon headquarters in Germany, visits us today to show the best ways to use the Motion Tracker tools inside Cinema 4D for VFX shots.

This presentation starts with a traffic shot taken from the Golden Gate bridge. Eric begins by using the Motion Tracker tool to create a point cloud in 3D space, then shows how to use the Motion Tracker tags to more accurately reconstruct the shot in 3D space. From there Eric adds a car model, and shows how to properly add lights, shadows and reflections to the car model so that realistically blends within the shot. He moves onto showing how to use the Camera Calibrator tag to do the same type of effects with static cameras. The presentation wraps up by showing us the new Recontruction features in the Motion Tracker, new to R19. This feature allows you to more easily see the reconstructed 2D scene through the point cloud in 3D space. This presentation is a must for anyone looking to learn motion tracking for VFX inside C4D.

03:30Motion Tracking Golden Gate Bridge shot
10:26Using Motion Tracker tags to help reconstruct scene
15:23Create a ground plane aligned with the motion tracked scene
17:32Texturing ground plane so it's seemless with footage
18:47Import car model into motion tracked scene
20:35Animating car model driving on road
22:00Create lighting, cast shadows, and ambient Occlusion for car model
25:07Adding realistic reflections to the car model using HDRI
28:14Adding Motion Blur to the scene
30:23Rendering the scene with Multipasses for further post production work
32:07Reconstructing 3D scene for a static image using the Camera Calibrator tag
38:00New 3D Reconstruction feature in R19