Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Nick Campbell: Getting Creative with C4D’s Fast, Easy Intuitive Workflow

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  • Duration: 44:37
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  • Made with Release: 19
  • Works with Release: 19 and greater

Nick Campbell shows some of the possibilities of the improved voronoi fracture object.

In this presentation, Greyscalegorilla founder Nick Campbell shows how he is exploring the new features of the Voronoi Fracture Object in Cinema 4D R19. He begins by talking a bit about his history with Cinema 4D and how he uses it to quickly explore different design ideas while being responsive to client feedback. His presentation walks through detailing voronoi fragments, fusing pieces with geometry glue, scaling fragments, and offsetting pieces. He gives a full breakdowns of how he would destroy a sculpture, break a brick wall, and smash two helmets together.

04:16Detailing Voronoi Chunks
06:54Fusing Chunks with Geometry Glue
10:06Connectors Hug Pieces Together
12:55Adjusting Connector Force Settings
14:51Scaling Voronoi Cells for Wood Fragments
21:58Offseting & Inverting Pieces
25:25Fracturing a Bust
31:22Making and Destroying a Brick Wall
37:39Colliding Two Helmets Together
39:16Controlling Geometry Glue with Falloff