Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Mike Winkelmann (Beeple): Building A Tunnel Loop in C4D

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We proudly present to you Mike Winkleman, aka Beeple from, showing some of his practices on how he creates tunnel loops for Video DJ clips inside Cinema 4D. Mike starts with creating tunnel with a Sweep object and a spline path. He then attaches and animates a Camera to the spline path within the tunnel using an Align to Spline Tag, then shows us some different techniques for lighting and texturing the inside of the tunnel, as well as show us how to create some fly through elements using a MoGraph Cloner.

03:03Creating a VJ tunnel starting with a Bezier spline
04:51Build tunnel geometry with Sweep object
06:32Create camera animation using Align to Spline tag
08:02Smooth out camera animation by changing interpolation to Linear
10:00Adding geometry inside tunnel
17:00Texturing the tunnel
20:28Adding fly-through particle with Cloner and Random Effector
23:54Adding Lights to the Cloner