Siggraph 2017 Rewind - Eric Nicolas Smit: Fracturing in Cinema 4D

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  • Duration: 35:44
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  • Made with Release: 19
  • Works with Release: 19 and greater

Break a marble sculpture with Voronoi Fracture and Dynamics.

In this presentation from SIGGRAPH 2017, artist Eric Smit shows off the new features added to the Voronoi Fracture object in Cinema 4D R19. He walks through all of the major steps involved in creating an effects-quality shot of a marble bust breaking apart as it hits the ground.
He begins with a description of how he sculpted the head and how he then reduced it down to a reasonable polycount using the Polygon Reduction object and the Sculpt Baking system. He moves on to a general discussion of how to use the Voronoi Fracture object - creating good looking results with only a cube. He closes out by applying all the earlier techniques to his more complicated model including dynamics tools like Connectors.

00:28Shattering the Head of Zeus
02:14Generating Dynamics Proxies
05:08Baking Lightweight Versions of High Poly Sculptures
07:48Baking a Dragon
08:56Overview of Voronoi Fracture
11:26Voronoi Source Modes
18:38Using Connectors to Keep Fragments Together Longer
21:48Making More Realistic Cuts with Detailing
26:07Fracturing the Head
26:58Adding Dynamics & Connectors
29:25Finished Head Fracture
30:21Texturing the Inner Faces with Selections
32:51Geometry Gluing
34:27Teaser Film