Siggraph 2013 Rewind - Gene Magtoto: Collaborative character animation

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  • Duration: 43:58
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Collaborative Character Animation

In this presentation, Gene Magtoto demonstrates workflow and technical direction tips used by The Sequence Group on cinematics for the video game "Remember Me". Gene demonstrates use of the Reset PSR, Transfer, Naming and Timewarp tools, as well as techniques for locking the camera in a shot using Frozen Transformations. He demonstrates the power of the Layer Manager for group workflows. Gene shows off an awesome joint-based facial rig, and has graciously provided a simpler joint-based face rig for experimentation.

04:16Scroll to First Active
05:00Reset PSR / Freeze Transform
06:45Transfer Tool
07:10Naming Tool
08:21Previous / Next Project, Revert to Saved
13:00Toggle Modeling Mode
15:28Layer Manager / Timeline Bookmark
22:30Locking Cameras / Using Keyframe Selections
32:05Transferring between MoCap and Keyframed Animation
34:19Joint-based Facial Animation - Retarget Tag
39:43Mesh Deformer

Recorded live at Siggraph 2013 in Anaheim, California.