Select Texture Tags and Objects for Active Cinema 4D Materials

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Select Texture Tags / Objects for an Active Material to quickly change material assignments, object properties or assign Object Buffers

To quickly select all the objects that are assigned a specific material, just select the material and use "Select Texture Tags / Objects". This command selects both the Texture Tags and the objects themselves, so you can quickly change material assignments and other Texture Tag attributes. Switch the Attribute Manager mode to Objects and adjust the object parameters, or use CV-Add to Object Buffer to assign an object buffer to all the objects with a specific material assignment.



- To quickly select the objects and texture tags associated with a specific material, just select the material in the Material Manager and choose Function, Select Texture Tags and Objects. All the texture tags are selected and you can quickly change the material assignment just by dragging a new material into the attribute manager. The objects are selected as well. Switch the attribute manager mode to object, and now we can adjust the object attributes really quickly. This is also handy if you want to assign an object buffer to all of the objects that have a specific material. Simply go up to Plugins, choose the CBOM tools and Add to New Object Buffer, and we'll go ahead and create a name of "seat." And now we have a new object buffer on all those objects. If you found this tip helpful, be sure to like, share and visit for more great tutorials and resources.
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