Render Object Display Color using the MoGraph Color Shader

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Use MoGraph Color Shader to include Object Display and ArtSmart Illustrator colors in Reflectance Materials.

MoGraph's Color Shader can be used to render the Object Display color of any object, not just objects controlled by MoGraph. Use the Color Shader when you want to include the object display color as a base coat in a pure reflectance material, to drive luminance, or any other time you need to include the object color in a complex material.

Because CV-ArtSmart imports colors from your Adobe Illustrator (.ai) Artwork and populates the display color, you can use the MoGraph Color Shader in a single material to easily render a reflective 3D version of a 2D logo.



Objects in Cinema 4D, have a display color property, that you can change on the basic tab, of the object attributes. Whenever the use color option is set to either automatic or on. And typically you'll use this display color to distinguish objects in the view. And one reason for that, is it's not immediately obvious, how you integrate this display color into Cinema 4D's shading system. Because, as soon as you apply a material, to the object and try to render, you'll see that the object simply renders gray. The trick to pulling that display color into the material system, is to use the MoGraph color shader. And the beautiful thing about this, is that you can apply the color shader anywhere within the material system. So, if I want to build a pure reflectant space material, I can create a lambertian layer in my reflectance, and use the MoGraph color shader, to pull the object display color, into the base layer color for this difuse layer. And from there, I can go ahead and build some additional reflectance on top. And now when I render the MoGraph color shader is going to pull that object color into the object, and we're able to integrate it into the render. One of the places where this comes in especially handy, is with the CV ArtSmart object. Because ArtSmart brings the colors that are set up in the illustrator file in, and applies them to each of the objects. So, one option with ArtSmart is to create materials which will generate a unique material for each surface that you can go in and customize. But if you don't need that level of customization, but you want to create a complex material based purely on the colors in the illustrator file, you can simply use the MoGraph color shader. So we can apply the same shader setup to the ArtSmart object. And you can see that we're able to integrate those Illustrator colors, into a fully reflective material. So by using the MoGraph color shader, you can integrate the display color, for any object, wherever you like, within the Cinema 4D material system. If you enjoyed this Quick Tip, please like, share, and visit, for more great tutorials and resources.
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