New in R11: New Material Previews

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New in R11: Advanced Material Previews

Ever wondered how a material will react to a shadow or global illumination while editing it. Hate waiting for test renders of your entire scene just to see that the global illumination will make your surface too bright? Several of the objects come in two more flavors, a soft shadow and a GI. These materials allows you to get more accurate feedback of shaders like the SSS and chanlum shaders or see how a transparent material will cast caustics in the new GI.

As well many improvements we done to all material previews such as a new HDRI reflection environment, improve background/floor surface so that reflections and refractions are more informative and realistic to a real scene instead of a simple floating object.

Finally a special animation object is included allowing you to see an animated turnaround to see how light, reflections and the likes will flow across your surface at any angle.