New CV-SwIm 3 Features Made Possible by the ColorSwatch API in C4D R18

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  • Made with Release: 18
  • Works with Release: 18 - 19

Python and C++ ColorSwatch API offers plugin potential.

Cinema 4D Release 18 introduces an API to manipulate the color swatches within the Color Chooser, and as a result developers are able to offer more options that relate to color. In this QuickTip, we'll offer a sneak peek into the new functionality for SwIm 3.0 that's made possible by the new Color Swatch API. You'll learn how to export ASE files from your Adobe Creative Cloud library via Illustrator, and import those ASE files into Cinema 4D via SwIm. You'll also see how to create materials, gradients and multishaders from selected swatches.

SwIm 3.0 is not yet available, but you can download the most recent version here.