NAB 2018 Rewind - D.J. Stange: The World of Sports Production: High Volume, High Quality, Zero Time

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In this live presentation from NAB 2018 motion designer for MLB, DJ Stange, gives a whirlwind tour of his process for creating a game opening animation for the Orioles that is both an homage to Game of Thrones and the city of Baltimore. Stange came to motion design by way of being a Rock Musician, and wants you to know that you can do it too. In his presentation, he breaks down simple C4D techniques that when layered can create gorgeously complex finished pieces. Throughout his presentation he shares tips for idea generation, and the creative process he uses to handle the ambitious deadlines of Major League Baseball.

01:14Preview of Final Piece
02:50Project Preparation
04:09Using CV-ArtSmart to Create the Opening Logo
10:20Spinning Rings
13:48Camera Animation
16:55Modeling the Moorings
20:25Modeling Rope
22:33Animating the Moorings
25:22Adding Camera Motion with the Vibrate Tag
29:25Creating a Landscape with Normal Maps
32:12Set Dressing with Preset Assets
33:32Animating the Ball Park
35:39Finding Creative Inspiration on your Feet
36:46Lens Distortion Wipe
42:15Creating Fire Distortion
42:52GoT Orioles Spot