NAB 2018 Rewind - Chris Villa: Baltimore Ravens: Cinema 4D Pipeline Tips & Production Techniques

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In this C4D Live presentation from NAB 2018, motion designer Chris Villa from CAKE Studio breaks down how he and the rest of CAKE’s team created a stunning sports graphics package for the Baltimore Ravens. However, these aren’t your typical Sci Fi sports graphics - they exist in the dark and fog filled world Edgar Allan Poe imagination.
As we’ve come to expect from CAKE, this is a presentation jam-packed with tips and techniques that will dramatically improve your ability to turn around graphics in a team production environment. Villa begins his presentation with an overview of the Ravens Graphics Package. He then discusses how to setup projects to render in multiple layers so that you have maximum flexibility in the composite. He then gives an in-depth introduction to Takes, followed with a demonstration of just how much time they can save you when combined with Render Tokens. After this, he shows off some of the great particle and fluid effects possible with 3rd Party plugins X-Particles and TurbulenceFD. He closes his presentation with some rapid fire quick tips that will save you time and stress.

00:16Cake's Reel
01:54Sports Graphics Landscape
02:45Ravens Sizzle Reel
03:29Ravens Project Overview
04:36Presentation Overview
05:37Logo Land
05:58Working with Takes for Render Passes
10:12Building a Takes Setup
10:47Creating an RGB Buffer Pass
14:03Using Material Override to Make All Materials Black
16:26Using an RGB Pass in AE
18:56Automatic Render Paths using Tokens
32:20Creating Smoke Effects with X-Particles and TurbulenceFD
34:01Emitting Particles from an Object
36:30Adding Smoke with Turbulence
46:41Importing Character Animation with Alembic
51:37Quick Tips for Production
54:18How to Maintain a Uniform Scale
55:24Closing Remarks