NAB 2017 Rewind - Perry Harovas: C4D Is My Secret VFX Weapon: Confessions of a Former Maya User

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Perry Harovas has been doing 3D animation and VFX work for decades, and in that time he's used a ton of different software. A former Maya and Softimage user, he's adopted Cinema 4D because it allows him to work quickly and flexibly. In this presentation, he shares a history of his work with 3D software and gives us a peek into a selection projects. He uses the Cloner object and C4D's simple materials system to quickly build a video store stocked with some of your favorite films. After that he creates an incredibly detailed fire simulation with the TurbulenceFD plugin. He wraps up his presentation by showing how to quickly create and place rubble in your scene - all while using the Takes system to ensure he can make changes with clients in the room.

12:09Project: Video Store Fly-Through
16:28Modeling a VHS Cassette Box
18:13Texturing the Cover and the Spine with Selection Sets
22:26Duplicating the Cassettes with the Cloner Object
23:22Using Dynamics for Organic Placement
27:03Project: Raiders
30:35Simulating Fire with TurbulenceFD
36:13Project: Aleppo
37:12Creating Rubble with Voronoi Fracture
41:00Using Takes to Create LOD Variations
44:30Demo Reel