NAB 2017 Rewind - Lorcan O'Shanahan: Brief Explorations into Parametric Workflows

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  • Duration: 42:37
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  • Works with Release: 18 and greater

Lorcan O'Shanahan takes the concept of keeping his scenes fully procedural to the extreme. In this video he breaks down how he created a sci-fi animation of the Cineversity Logo, specifically focusing on how he created complex nesting parts based on a simple triangle spline. He follows this up by showing a technique for creating art-directible explosions with debris using the Push Apart Effector and the Tracer object. He closes by making use of the Correction Deformer, Morph Tag, and Morph Deformer in order to create a complex origami-style folding animation that is controlled by effector falloff. You're guaranteed to pick up some new techniques and a different way of approaching complex effects.

02:03Cineversity Promo
03:34Project Overview
05:22Parametric Spline Modeling
16:30Crystal Shatter Project
17:40Modeling the Crystal
20:20Animating Explosions with the Push Apart Effector and Dynamics
26:21Cloning and Animating Debris
30:14Animating Laser Effects
31:20Origami Folding