NAB 2017 Rewind - Al Heck: Create a Fantastic Freelance Career Using C4D

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Freelance artist Al Heck goes over a variety of professional projects he's produced, showing how he used Cinema 4D in each one to quickly deliver results to the clients. First Al goes over a motion graphics piece made for CUNA, featuring Arianna Huffington and the Huffington Post. Al shows how he created the scene primarily using MoGraph Cloners and MoText objects, and then used External Compositing tags for creating overlays in After Effects. Next Al shows off a pinball piece he created for Facebook utilizing the Projection Man plugin for projection painting. Al shows how to quickly paint textures in Photoshop and then project them onto the models in Cinema 4D for quick and flexible results. Al then shows how you can use projection painting in BodyPaint 3D to quickly texture buildings for use in either films or video games. Towards the end Al discusses the advantages of using Team Render to speed up rendering, and how to build a PC render farm on a budget. He then finishes up with promoting new users to try out the free trial version of Cinema 4D/BodyPaint 3D.

07:56Using External Compositing tag to bring 3D data into After Effects
09:48Creating MoText typography
11:08 How to create and animate a camera quickly
13:11Projecting Textures on 3D objects using Projection Man workflow
28:31How to quickly texture buildings using BodyPaint
34:32BodyPaint Projection Painting examples for video game models
37:14Budgeting for a Team Render farm to speed up rendering, Mac versus PC
39:51Try out the C4D Demo for free