Multi-Pass (In depth): 009-08 C4D Post Effects Color Correction

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Multi-Pass (In depth): 009-08 C4D Post Effects Color Correction

The color-correction is a professional job and this Tutorial can't deliver that so please get not mad with me, when I put more light to the areas, than to answer all open questions. Color Correction a nice and needed suggestion and if your work has no post-production, this is the place to go. The theme of Gamma alone is a long story and needs attention on it's own (Linear Work-flow/Pipeline is only one of the discussions that is available to that theme)
Post-production is of course part of multi-pass. Gamma is normally to fit in to the options that the final use has, celluloid is different than print, different than Screens. What I try here to do is to make certain that this theme starts, it will NOT give final answers!
Some people talk about Gamma and shorter render-times, what is not calculated can't be delivered an other longer theme.