Motion Tracking: Adding Text to Footage, Part 04: 3D Track Full Solve: On Top of a Building

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Instructor Joseph Herman

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  • Duration: 14:24
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  • Made with Release: 16
  • Works with Release: 16 and greater

This video uses C4D’s automatic 3D tracking ability, the Full Solve, to track a shot of buildings in Manhattan. We’ll then add 3D text, lighting, shadows and composite the scene in After Effects.

In this video, you 3D track a shot of Manhattan buildings automatically using CINEMA 4D’s automatic method, the Full Solve. You then use the motion tracking tracking constraints to align the track in the viewport. Next, 3D text that sits on a support is added on top of a building and lighting is added to match the scene. Global Illumination emanating from a sky object is used to brighten up the dark areas and an object buffer is created for the text and support. When it’s all rendered, the scene is composited in After Effects where a building is matted out to cover the support beams.